Formerly known as MOFAS: Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Exciting News
from MOFAS

If you're looking for the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) you have come to the right place. We have some exciting news about our organization. We have a new name! MOFAS has officially been renamed Proof Alliance. Our mission remains the same: to prevent prenatal alcohol exposure and to improve the quality of life for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Why PR%F

We now have the proof that prenatal alcohol exposure is a leading cause of brain injury in children. We have the proof that FASD is 100% preventable and people living with an FASD can reach 100% of their potential.

Why Alliance?

We seek to build powerful alliances with people with an FASD, their families, legislators, experts in the field, new partners, and community members to bring awareness, research, and services to this field.

What's Next?

Proof Alliance is rebranding, expanding, and we're moving! We have a new logo, website, and prevention campaign to help change the norms around drinking during pregnancy. And in May 2019 we will be moving to a stand-alone building. Proof Alliance commits to the people of Minnesota and we will continue to develop transformative programs to help Minnesotans impacted by FASD.

Losing My Support

Published 7/8/2013
By: Lisa Friesenhahn

I’m feeling a little sorry for myself these days. My amazing PCA who has been with us, let me rephrase this…survived our family life, for the past 5 years is leaving the State to further her degree. I’m so happy for her. She is amazing and deserves nothing but the best in her future endeavors. It is for my family and myself that I grieve over the loss.

As a primary caregiver of Special Needs children, she has been a godsend to everyone in our family, especially me.

How have we benefited?

For me, she has given that extra pair of hands needed to raise my children, to let me get tasks done while keeping my kids safe, to give me a minute to zone out from always being ‘on alert’ while parenting my children.

For my children, to give them the extra love and attention needed to feel good about themselves and to appreciate life and not feel neglected when the parent is busy doing other necessary things. To keep them from hurting themselves or hurting others. A chance to go places and do things that wouldn’t be possible without the extra help/supervision required.

For my husband, so that he can get things done around the house, and so that we as a couple can get away on some much needed respite weekends to keep the ‘couple’ relationship intact and thriving.

I have had PCA’s for about 7 years now. Many have come and gone. Some because they moved on to other jobs, other locations, or had babies and needed to be at home.

Some left because I asked them to, they weren’t a good fit for our family and didn’t understand the family dynamics nor the disabilities my children have and how to protect and help them appropriately.

I have hired my teenage daughter to PCA her younger siblings and she is able to help but they don’t always listen very well to her, maybe the sibling piece makes it more challenging for her.

I’m currently faced with a decision of whether to hire another PCA or switch to a Consumer Support Grant (CSG) and pay myself. We could use the money but you can’t put a price on your sanity and free time. That, my fellow parent, is priceless.

Having support is one thing I advocate in ALL families with children who have Special Needs. Whether it’s a couple hours to shop by yourself, a night on the town, dinner with a friend, a movie, or an overnight excursion to a Bed & Breakfast. Getting away can mean returning with a different perspective. A moment to rejuvenate, restore, relax, whatever you want to call it, can make the difference between breaking down, breaking up, or breaking new ground. I choose the latter. Breaking new ground means to me taking a new look at things, gathering a new way of looking at a situation, or handling what needs to be done, or maybe even just NOT having to look at the same old but making a fresh start and pushing forward, not looking back at the negative.

I think no matter what, I will always seek out someone who can give me that much needed ‘break’ so that I can take care of business, take care of myself, and take care of my relationships with others.

It is with great sadness that I have to let this wonderful PCA go. She will always be a part of our lives and we WILL stay in touch. She has been an integral part of helping us raise our wonderful children thus far and a fantastic role model of patience and kindness. I am a better person because of her and I wish for all of you other families out there who need support to find someone who you can incorporate into your families when you need help.

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