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Get Help to Stop Drinking During Pregnancy

While avoiding any alcohol use during pregnancy may seem simple for some, it’s not a given for everyone. By now, you most likely know to completely avoid any type or amount of alcohol during pregnancy. But what if even the thought of that is too much to bear?

This is often the case if you have an alcohol disorder. If you can relate to this, we can help you get extra support avoiding alcohol while you’re pregnant.

3 steps to get help

Step 1:  Assess your alcohol use.

Remember: no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy.1 Use this free online tool to help you assess your drinking patterns:

Step 2:  Contact a treatment center (as needed).

These treatment centers allow women to have their children with them while participating in a residential treatment program:

To find out more about the steps needed to seek treatment, contact:

  • Your health provider
  • Your insurance company
  • Your county’s chemical health department
  • The treatment center of your choice

Step 3:  Find support.

The Minnesota Recovery Treatment Facility Locator can help you find additional support in your community.

More resources:

Support for People Who Used Alcohol During Pregnancy

Through our Families Healing Together programming, Proof Alliance offers several resources to individuals who drank alcohol during their pregnancy. These resources include The Fresh Start Forum, an ongoing support group. We offer a judgment-free space for support, healing and growth.

Join us as we work together to shed the stigma, blame and guilt that often comes with alcohol use during pregnancy. Contact to learn more about our programming.

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