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Article: It’s Alcohol Awareness Month and we’re celebrating

We’re Keeping it KUL

The only way to prevent FASD is with 100% alcohol-free pregnancies. We’re partnering with KUL MOCKS for Alcohol Awareness Month to bring greater awareness to our mission.

KUL MOCKS ready-to-drink mocktails are 0.00% ABV, making them the perfect drink choice for expecting families.

Proof Alliance and KUL MOCKS—helping you #KeepitKUL when you’re not drinking.

Win a Year's Supply of 0.00%

The #KeepitKUL campaign is a call to action for responsible pregnancies and the responsible use of alcohol in general.

We’re also giving away a year’s supply of KUL MOCKS ready-to-drink mocktails! One lucky winner will score a delicious, alcohol-free variety pack of KUL MOCKS beverages every month for an entire year!


The giveaway closes April 30, 2022.

The KUL MOCKS Origin Story

KUL MOCKS was created by Wisconsinites, husband and wife, Nate and Danielle Goss. During their first pregnancy, Danielle found that options for tasty, alcohol-free drinks were very limited. So they set out to change that!

There are currently three KUL MOCKS flavors available online and on store shelves in Minnesota and 12 states across the country. KUL MOCKS is excited to announce that Strawberry Mock-Arita, Mock Mule and Blackberry Mock-Jito will be joined by three new flavors hitting the market in summer 2022!

Local Keep it KUL Partners

We’re partnering with local social media influencers to help us celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month.

Blair Sharp

Blair Sharp

Sharing an inspiring story of relatable sobriety,

IG: @sobrietyactivist

Kim Ly Curry

Kim Ly Curry

Authority on food & drink in MN,

IG: @kimlycurry

Stephanie Peltier

Stephanie Peltier

Helping moms find themselves in motherhood,

IG: @honestlymommy

Megan Fugalli

Megan Fugalli

First time momma in Minnesota,


Haley Miskowiec

Haley Miskowiec

Helping expecting parents feel GOOD during pregnancy! ,

IG: @prenatal.nutritionist

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