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Proof Profiles

Welcome to Proof Profiles where we’re sharing the personal stories of those navigating life with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Get to Know Justice!

Get to know Justice (she/they). Justice is 16 years old and is in the 11th grade. 

Justice is passionate about music. She loves to sing, song-write, play piano and participate in theater. She has been self-learning to play piano and sing since the 7th grade.   

Image right: Justice smiling slightly in a classroom setting.

Justice's FASD Journey

Justice was diagnosed with FASD when she was around 4 years old. Justice says she has co-morbid diagnoses including FASD, ADHD and autism.

Justice says her FASD symptoms can make it difficult to maintain healthy social connections and relationships.

During group therapy sessions, Justice has learned positive coping skills that have helped her in social and relational situations. Their mom, an important support person in their life, reports a greater sense of maturity since Justice began therapy. Justice says even teachers notice she seems more mature than in years past. 

Justice hopes these coping skills will help her maintain healthy relationships with others.  

Image left: Stock image.

Support in Many Forms

In addition to group therapy, Justice says, “Social interactions are helpful; Second Saturdays [at Proof Alliance] is like extra therapy. I fell in love with the Second Saturday group!”

She says she appreciates that everyone at Proof Alliance understands FASD, something she doesn’t experience at school. 

Justice appreciates the support resources she has access to, like a social worker, psychiatrist, Proof Alliance support groups and her mom. “I feel like if people had more resources they could be helped more. My mom has fought for everything to keep me happy, healthy and safe, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. After everything my mom has gone through, I cannot have a better person … she’s so strong and tries to support me.”  

Image right: Stock image.

Newly diagnosed?

What would Justice say to someone who just got diagnosed with an FASD? “Be yourself. Everybody wants to change themself because they feel like they can’t fit in or they’re going to be judged, but really, just be yourself. Even if you’re not perfect, it doesn’t matter.” Justice adds, “Everybody is beautiful…” and she encourages people new to the diagnosis to remember that FASD doesn’t define them. Just because you have an FASD, she explains, it does not mean you can’t keep moving forward. Justice urges others with an FASD to love themselves and love everything they do. 

*Interview and article produced by former Proof Alliance youth intern, El R. If you or anyone you know is interested in being spotlighted in the Proof Profiles series, send an email to us at

Image left: Stock image.