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Angry About My FASD

Have you ever feltĀ mad about your FASD diagnosis? It’s normal to feel this way. At Proof Alliance, we can help you work through feelings of anger you may have about your FASD diagnosis.


What can you do if you have anger about having an FASD?

  • Talk about your feelings with your family or trusted adults
  • Talk to a therapist or mental health provider
  • Try to be understanding about the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy
  • Develop friendships with others with an FASD who can relate to your feelings
  • Try forgiveness. Holding a grudge does not impact the other person, it only causes stress in your own life

Reasons Alcohol is Consumed During Pregnancy

At Proof Alliance, we believe that pregnant people aren’t intentionally trying to cause harm when they drink during their pregnancy.

There are many reasons why someone may have consumed alcohol when they were pregnant.

  • Many pregnancies are unplanned, and a person may not know they are pregnant
  • If a person has a substance use disorder or is addicted to alcohol, it can be extremely difficult to quit drinking
  • A pregnant person may cope with unmanageable stress in their life, such as domestic violence or homelessness, with alcohol or substances
  • They may have received misinformation about alcohol and pregnancy from medical providers
  • Influences such as friends, family and community may tell the pregnant person it is okay to drink alcohol during pregnancy