Formerly known as MOFAS: Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Exciting News
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If you're looking for the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) you have come to the right place. We have some exciting news about our organization. We have a new name! MOFAS has officially been renamed Proof Alliance. Our mission remains the same: to prevent prenatal alcohol exposure and to improve the quality of life for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Why PR%F

We now have the proof that prenatal alcohol exposure is a leading cause of brain injury in children. We have the proof that FASD is 100% preventable and people living with an FASD can reach 100% of their potential.

Why Alliance?

We seek to build powerful alliances with people with an FASD, their families, legislators, experts in the field, new partners, and community members to bring awareness, research, and services to this field.

What's Next?

Proof Alliance is rebranding, expanding, and we're moving! We have a new logo, website, and prevention campaign to help change the norms around drinking during pregnancy. And in May 2019 we will be moving to a stand-alone building. Proof Alliance commits to the people of Minnesota and we will continue to develop transformative programs to help Minnesotans impacted by FASD.

What’s Happening at MOFAS

Families Moving Forward: One-on-one Help for Families

The Families Moving Forward Program is a tailored intervention that pairs a family with a Families Moving Forward Specialist, who works one-on-one with the family over the course of 7 to 11 months.  Together, they address concerning behavior issues and other challenges that come with raising a child affected by an FASD or prenatal alcohol exposure. […]

Reaching out to Birth Families and Parents

This summer, we launched a new initiative to create a stronger connection to birth and kinship parents and families of children affected by prenatal alcohol exposure. This included two first-time weekend retreats specifically for these groups to connect, learn and play together. Circle of Hope Retreat On August 3-5, 2012 MOFAS launched the first Circle […]

New Routines

Published 8/27/2012 By: Ann Kagarise I have been hearing a lot about FASD kids going back to school and adjusting. I just read a post on an FASD teen going off to school and the major adjustments she is having to make cuz of all the change. She wrote… I know for me, whenever I […]

Bad Nights and Nightmares

Published 8/24/2012 By: Ann Kagarise Nights are the worst for me. I don’t know why, but I can have night terrors to the point where I am so confused I don’t even know where I am or what’s going on. It takes me awhile to even be able to speak after I wake up in […]

Left Eye Right Eye

Published 8/23/2012 By: Ann Kagarise When I was five years old, the neurologist said I had no depth perception and my eyes do not converge. In other words, my left eye and right eye, do not work together. I have learned that my left brain and right brain do not work very well together either. […]

Structure Brings Productivity in FASD Individuals

Published 8/20/2012 By: Ann Kagarise I have learned something huge lately, I am no good without structure! I absolutely do amazing if I just have structure. I would work all day on a project and not even want to take a lunch. Lunch to me, is unstructured time. I can eat through lunch, but why […]


Published 8/6/2012 By: Ann Kagarise August 3rd is my birthday. I have talked with others who have FASD. Birthdays can be such a mix. I choose to be blessed with the brain that I have and the body that I have. I’m thankful to be born. I’m thankful that even though my brain is not […]

FASD–My Story

Published 8/2/2012 By: Ann Kagarise When I was five-years-old, my kindergarten teacher discovered I had significant problems and was unable to do what the other kids could do. She informed my adoptive parents that she felt something was seriously wrong. A neurologist was contacted and my kindergarten teacher’s instincts were accurate. “Ann has significant and […]

Square Peg

Published 8/2/2012 By: Ann Kagarise This fits for those of us who are FASD. So many times society wants us to fit into society the way they fit. FASD people are absolutely that different peg. We come in all shapes and sizes and we don’t fit into society’s norm. I know personally employers, friends, and […]

FAS and Abilities Not Disabilities

Published 8/2/2012 By: Ann Kagarise I’m ecstatic. I mean seriously happy!! Those of us with FAS so many times hear how we can not make it in the world. There is nothing we want more but to be like our neurotypical friends. I am here to share with you that even though I had every odd […]

The new CDC report and rates of alcohol use during pregnancy

This month, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) published a new report related to consumption of alcohol during pregnancy. Some of the findings are in line with what we have heard previously – among pregnant women, the highest prevalence of reported alcohol use was among those: Aged 35-44 years (14.3%) White (8.3%) College graduates (10.0%) […]

Risk Management

Published 7/23/2012 By: Carolyn Strnad Recently, our daughter who lives in a group home ran away and it was hours before she could be found. Scary for any parent. I met, per their request, with the corporate home agency provider on Monday. It was no surprise to me that they requested that we review the […]

Despite Danish study, it’s not OK for pregnant women to drink

Star Tribune – Local
July 4, 2012

Despite Danish Study, It’s Not OK for Pregnant Women to Drink

July 4, 2012–A just-released Danish study on drinking during pregnancy had a sobering effect on Emily Gunderson, spokeswoman for the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS).

Going Through the Motions

Published 7/2/2012 By: Melissa Fredin My oldest daughter who just turned 19 was allowed to participate in her Senior graduation ceremony, although she didn’t actually graduate. She got to wear the robe, be part of all the ceremonies but since she did not qualify to graduate she will be attending a “post high school” Transition […]

The Monkey Backpack/Leash Debate

Published 6/29/2012 By: Lisa Friesenhahn Here we go again, the perils of parenting strategies used to keep some children safe is criticized. There was a woman being interviewed about her use of a backpack/leash to keep her child safe. She said she received numerous stares and some comments which included, “Your child isn’t a dog.” […]

Setting a Good Example

Published 6/29/2012 By: Lisa Friesenhahn Sometimes it can be hard to set a good example when you don’t have the energy to even move and your patience is being tested. My bedroom currently needs an overhaul. I don’t have time or energy to keep it clean and organized because I am keeping the main area […]

Should I schedule time for kindness?

Published 6/26/2012 By: Lisa Friesenhahn It’s been a busy summer so far and sometimes it’s all about getting appointments scheduled and tasks done. I often feel as if I’m all business. When you have a lot of children and the children have a lot of needs, you need to be organized, consistent, diligent, intense, etc. […]

It Matters – You Matter

Published 6/26/2012 By: Lisa Friesenhahn School is out – HELP! Urology, Pulmonology, Psychiatry, ADHD Medication Check, Strep check, ENT/Audiology check, Eye exam……… all in the last week and a half. I’m feeling like “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”…probably look like it too! One needs ear tube surgery, another more psychotherapy, more tests for asthma, […]

Loss of Funding – Looking For Some Grease

Published 6/26/2012 By: Lisa Friesenhahn I’m frustrated, feeling pretty upset. We found out this past week that our 3 children that are on Family Support Grants will no longer be receiving this funding. We have 4 Special Needs children and 3 of them were getting the FSG. All 4 are eligible for PCA services so […]

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