Caring for Your Family's Mental Health Webinar

Learn how to care for your family’s mental health, with expert advice from Ashleigh Sheak, MS, of Ainga Mental Health and Counseling. This webinar will give you foundational knowledge about caring for the mental health of a family unit. You’ll know how to identify early warning signs of increasing mental health concerns. This webinar will help you better understand the causes of mental health challenges and important risk factors to be aware of.

Meet the Expert

Ashleigh Sheak, MS, works with adolescents, teenagers, and adults whose lives are impacted by mental health on a daily basis. Ashleigh graduated from Metropolitan State University with her Master’s in Co-Occurring Recovery Counseling and has experience working in corrections, substance use treatment and community mental health. Ashleigh has a passion for teaching others about mental health and how it may affect them and their loved ones. Also, Ashleigh has a focus on the criminal justice system and helping clients who are currently on probation. Ashleigh is currently working as a contracted employee through Ainga Mental Health and Counseling.

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