Formerly known as MOFAS: Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Exciting News
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If you're looking for the Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) you have come to the right place. We have some exciting news about our organization. We have a new name! MOFAS has officially been renamed Proof Alliance. Our mission remains the same: to prevent prenatal alcohol exposure and to improve the quality of life for people living with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD).

Why PR%F

We now have the proof that prenatal alcohol exposure is a leading cause of brain injury in children. We have the proof that FASD is 100% preventable and people living with an FASD can reach 100% of their potential.

Why Alliance?

We seek to build powerful alliances with people with an FASD, their families, legislators, experts in the field, new partners, and community members to bring awareness, research, and services to this field.

What's Next?

Proof Alliance is rebranding, expanding, and we're moving! We have a new logo, website, and prevention campaign to help change the norms around drinking during pregnancy. And in May 2019 we will be moving to a stand-alone building. Proof Alliance commits to the people of Minnesota and we will continue to develop transformative programs to help Minnesotans impacted by FASD.

Request a Training

Does Proof Alliance Provide Trainings? Yes.

Proof Alliance provides many different types of training throughout the year that are open to the public. Proof Alliance also does private trainings for individual agencies or organizations.  If you are interested in having someone from Proof Alliance come to your agency and speak, please fill out the form below or contact our senior training coordinator, Shauna Feine, at (651) 917-2370.

  • Agency/Organization name
  • Contact person
  • Date of training request
  • Time and length of training request
  • Location of training site
  • Who will be attending the training (i.e. foster parents, social workers, educators, high school students, etc.)
  • How many people will be attending
  • What you would like the presentation to cover (i.e. FASD 101, diagnosis, secondary conditions, etc.)

Proof Alliance charges a fee of $150/hour to do trainings, plus mileage of $0.58 per mile. However, if this cost is not feasible for your organization, please still contact us. Once you have contacted Proof Alliance with your request, we will get back to you to confirm your information. Because we have limited staff and resources, we are unable to personally accept all the training requests we receive. We do however have a Speakers Bureau who assists with training on FASD and one of those speakers may be asked to do your training.

Types of Trainings Offered

We have extensive experience developing and presenting high-quality customized training for a variety of consumers and professionals. We offer basic training on FASD and advanced training on strategies for diverse groups. The training is customized to the needs of the host organization and is competitively priced. On occasion, we may have dedicated grant funds to support specific communities. Some of our most popular options include:

  • The Basics of FASD
  • Understanding the Challenges of FASD
  • Secondary Conditions of FASD
  • Educational Strategies for Students with an FASD
  • Strategies for Social Service Professionals
  • How to Ask the Tough Questions: Screening for FASD
  • What Foster, Pre- and Post-Adoptive Families Need to Know About FASD
  • FASD & Victimization
  • Crisis Intervention for Law Enforcement and Corrections Staff Working with People with an FASD
  • Modifying Treatment Chemical Dependency Treatment Interventions for Individuals with an FASD
  • Supporting System Involved Youth with an FASD
  • What Family Courts Need to Know About FASD
  • It’s a Matter of Justice: FASD & the Law
  • Caregiver Panels
  • Youth and Young Adult Panels

Last updated: June 2019

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