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Healthy & Fun Alcohol-Free Activities

Alcohol can be a big part of events ranging from holiday parties to yoga classes, but don’t fret if you’re alcohol-free: you don’t have to be left out of the fun! Whether it’s making mocktails with your friends, ordering a delicious zero-proof drink at a restaurant, or attending events that aren’t centered around drinking, there are lots of ways to enjoy being alcohol-free.

Alcohol-Free Fun

Parties or Gatherings

Whether hosting or attending a group event, alcohol-free drinks can and should be an option! But we aren’t suggesting you put out some club soda and call it a day; why not experiment with some recipes and make an exciting zero-proof drink that everyone can enjoy? If you’re hosting, you can make a large batch of your favorite recipes to put out. If you’re attending a party and not sure if there will be high quality alcohol-free options, you can bring something from home – whether that’s something you’ve made or a delicious store-bought option. You can even plan an event around your favorite drinks; invite your friends over for “mock o’clock” and no one has to worry about designated drivers to get home.

Dining Out

Ever been to a restaurant with an extensive wine list but the only alcohol-free option is a Sprite? Those days are (fortunately) over! With more people than ever going alcohol-free or “sober curious,” many restaurants have extended their menus to include a wide range of zero-proof drinks that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out. If you don’t see alcohol-free options on the menu, ask your server what’s available. Many bartenders will be able to make a delicious, alcohol-free alternative to classics like a whiskey sour or Moscow mule.

Community Events

There’s a growing “sober movement” that includes people who choose not to drink any alcohol or those who choose to drink less and more mindfully. There are months like Dry January that promote taking a break from drinking. There’s even a Mindful Drinking Festival where vendors give out alcohol-free options. If you’re looking for ways to get out into your community in ways that aren’t centered around alcohol, you’re sure to find plenty of options. You can also find alcohol-free groups in your region on sites like Meetup. If you can’t find something in-person, there’s a very large supportive community online.

When you find yourself at an event that does serve alcohol, there are bound to be some yummy alcohol-free options as well – or you can always bring something from home.  Whether it’s visiting the local museum, going to the theater, or joining a fitness class, there are an unlimited amount of ways to have fun without alcohol.