Federal and State Legislative Priorities

Reaching out to policymakers both locally in Minnesota, and nationwide is a key component of making lasting change for individuals with an FASD and those who love them.

Proof's Legislative Priorities

Every year Proof Alliance advocates at Minnesota State Legislature for laws that will improve the lives of people with an FASD and also support alcohol-free pregnancies. With the feedback of people with FASD, family members and professionals who work in this area, Proof identifies top priorities every year that could make a specific difference for the FASD community.

We provide leadership with those priorities, including working to get legislation written, secure legislative sponsors, testify at hearings and organize grassroots support. Additionally, Proof Alliance works with many policy coalitions that share overall goals in the areas of early childhood, disability issues, and maternal/child health concerns.

Proof Alliance’s legislative priorities for 2024 can be viewed here.

Federal Legislation

The FASD Respect Act (H.R. 3946/S.1800) is legislation addressing FASD on a federal level and was re-introduced during the 2023-2024 Congressional Session.

Minnesota champions include Representative Betty McCollum and Senator Amy Klobuchar. For more information on this federal legislation visit the FASD United Policy and Training Center.