Think it might be FASD?

Preparing for an FASD Assessment

We’re here to help. To make sure that you have the best possible experience at our clinic, we work with you to help track down all forms, documents and paperwork needed.  Our list is comprehensive as part of our commitment to providing a quality diagnosis.

What is Needed

As part of a complete FASD assessment, you may be asked about or asked to provide several things:

  • History of the biological mother’s alcohol use during pregnancy if possible
  • Medical history of birth family
  • History of complications during pregnancy
  • Birth certificate or adoption records
  • Medical records including physical growth and development
  • Records from mental health, neurological and behavioral development assessments
  • Neuropsychological or school evaluations
  • School records that document academic progress and problems, including Individual Education Program (IEPs) if appropriate
  • Social services records if available
  • Results of occupational, physical and speech/language therapy evaluations
  • Records documenting any adverse childhood events
  • Records of any court orders regarding custody

To review the Proof Alliance FASD Diagnostic Clinic Privacy Practices, click here or contact our clinic at 651-917-2370.