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About FASD

Thanks for being open to a conversation.

We appreciate you joining us in having an important talk about fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, or FASD. FASD occurs when a baby is exposed to alcohol in the womb, leading to lifelong brain injury, among many other potential conditions.

Our wine bag initiative is helping prevent FASD from developing. How? By starting conversations like this one.

About how there’s no known safe amount of alcohol. And how 1 in 20 kids today are living with FASD. But it’s all 100% preventable

We’re not against responsible drinking. We’re simply for giving every child the best start by avoiding alcohol during pregnancy.

It’s why Proof Alliance has partnered with area liquor stores to distribute custom wine bags for in-store purchases all across Minnesota. The bags bear a special message, drawing attention to the importance of having an honest conversation about alcohol and pregnancy.

We thank you for participating in the discussion. Sharing important PSAs like the one below can help spark those talks with friends and family about FASD. If you’d like to donate to the Proof Alliance to help support our mission, please do so by clicking here.

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