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Advocating for Someone with an FASD

When advocating for someone with an FASD, it can often feel like it is you against the world. There is support available through Proof Alliance.

Adocacy Tips

  • Be polite, but direct. Losing your temper only escalates the situation and discredits you as an advocate
  • Prepare before meetings and offer solutions to the issue
  • Include the person you are supporting in your advocacy work, ensure they want the same outcome as you
  • Be specific when stating a concern and/or share examples
  • Do your homework, learn about the process of the system
  • Ask questions and be an active listener
  • Identify the right people to voice your concern. Invest your time in decision-makers who can influence the situation
  • Don’t take no for an answer, there are ways to appeal decisions in school systems, as well as county and state systems. Follow the process for complaints and appeals. Examples:
  • Partner with advocacy agencies that specialize in disability advocacy