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Think it might be FASD?

Home and Community Based Service Waivers

Waivers are support services for individuals with disabilities provided by the state/county.

Federally Mandated Services

To access waiver services, you must first determine eligibility through a screening process. In order to qualify, you must be eligible for Medical Assistance (MA).

You can apply for MA and waiver services at your local county social service agency.

There is Income-Based Medical Assistance and Disability-Based Medical Assistance. To learn more about qualifying for Medical Assistance (MA), click here.

Begin the Process

There are a variety of waivers that can help support individuals with an FASD. Waivers are provided to help support individuals stay in their community versus a hospital or institutional-type setting. Types of waivers include:

If you are denied eligibility for a waiver, you can file appeal online.